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Wireless router realizes data transmission through the intelligent express cabinet. There are two ways to realize the data transmission through the express cabinet:  1. Through the wired network: Advantages: The main advantages of wired Ethernet are reliable data transmission, large network capacity, and cheap network usage. Disadvantages: The wiring is complex, the expansion is poor, the construction cost is high, the agility is poor, and the maintenance cost is high. 2. Through wireless network: Advantages: Low cost, short construction period, strong adaptability, good expansibility, being easy for maintenance and expansion.  Disadvantages: The initial investment cost of the equipment is high, and the mobile flow fee must be paid.

The connection between the express cabinet and the wireless router:
Now the smart express cabinet has RS485 and RJ45 network interface, connect it with the wireless router (it can choose 3G or 4G wireless router), insert the SIM card, the function of the wireless router is mainly to connect with the operator network, avoid the trouble of wiring. At the same time, it can greatly save the manpower cost and shorten the construction period good maintainability.

The working pattern of the intelligent express cabinet:
1. The courier sends the express to the receiving terminal or the intelligent express cabinet terminal in the living area, then scan the express barcode.
2. Choose the corresponding size box on the touch screen according to the size of the express.
3. After the box is opened, the express put the express into the box.

4. Close the box, the system will automatically send SMS notification to the receiver.  The intelligent express cabinet is now generally recognized as an economical and effective way to solve the last 100 meters of the electricity supplier. The courier sends the express to the courier cabinet in the community, and the system sends the SMS extraction code to the user automatically. Since the cabinet provides 24 - hour service, so it does not need personnel to watch. It solves the three-party worries: the courier saves the time cost; the user can arrange the time of the extraction by itself; the community also meets the needs of the safety management. The future development of intelligent express cabinet will soon affect our daily life.