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4G routers in vending machine wireless networking scheme

First, system introduction
The system provides wireless network transmission for vending machines through industrial 4G routers. It realizes the networking function of the vending machine and the user's different back-end platform. The system mainly covers the front-end vending machine, network transmission equipment and cloud platform.

Second, system structure
Vending machine business unit consists of vending machine terminal and business management platform.
The communication application unit consists of the industrial 4G router for vending machines, the cloud platform, the 4G SIM card and the lower computer (snack vending machine, box lunch vending machine and coffee buffet machine). This scheme uses the operator 3G/4G wireless network to connect the vending machines and the management platform of the central server through the wireless router and realizes remote management and monitoring. And through VPN, VPDN and other ways it achieves data security transmission. Therefore, the central platform can grasp the condition of each vending machine timely and accurately.

Third, communication and transmission function
1. Realize the 3G/4G wireless network of the vending machine, so it has stable communication capacity.
2. Realize real-time and safe transmission of data such as stock of vending machine and payment information.
3. Realize remote control operations such as vending machine switch and commodity price adjustment.
4. Realize remote real-time monitoring of the running states of routers and vending machines.
5. Realize remote fault diagnosis, accurate alarm and remote repair of communication failures.
Failure status, sales status, even video monitoring, etc of products TR321 series wireless router and TaR341 series wireless router.

Fourth, product features
1. Fully support operators network mode, 3G/4G free choice
2. The system is flexible and convenient, and the platform has a large capacity which can easily meet the system expansion.
3. The TR321 series adopts industrial 32-bit communication processor, software multi-level detection and hardware multi-protection mechanism to improve equipment stability.
4.IPSec VPN, L2TP, SSL VPN and CA certificates are adopted to guarantee data security transmission.
5. Adopt equipment remote management system to facilitate equipment management.

Five, system value
1. Industrial quality multi sim 4g wifi router ensures stable communication network. Domestic industrial communication products manufacturing experience and electromagnetic optimization technology ensure the stable operation of wireless equipment 7*24h, effectively improve the stability and security of the system.
2. Improve customer scale operation ability. The TLINK cloud platform supports terminal access, and remote operation and maintenance can be easily completed, helping operating enterprises improve their large-scale operation capability.
3. Shorten the project period. 4G router supports the current commercial network system (Mobile Unicom 2G/3G/4G, Telecom 4G) without the trouble of equipment selection, effectively shortening the project time.
4. Save operation and maintenance costs. During the operation of the project, SIM card packages can be changed at will without replacing wireless devices, helping operating enterprises effectively reduce operating costs.
5. Get more profit channels. Through the value-added service unit of the system, the profitability of advertising, information service, APP distribution and other channels can be realized.