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Hospital wireless coverage With the clinical information, the hospital is gradually realizing paperless, non-film and wireless. With the continuous maturity and popularization of the wireless LAN technology, the application of WLAN in the medical industry around the world has become a trend. As a supplement to the wired LAN in the hospital, the wireless LAN effectively overcomes the disadvantages of the wired network, and makes use of the flat panel wireless computer and mobile handcart for the collection of vital signs, the inquiry and entry of medical data, the doctor's check house, the bedside nursing, the call communication, the identification of the patient's identification and so on. We should give full play to the effectiveness of medical information system and highlight the technological advantages of digital hospitals. At the same time, perfect wireless coverage can also improve patients' satisfaction with hospital services. 

The requirement analysis of hospital wireless coverage is as follows:

1. Satisfy the wireless coverage in all regions, such as registration office, outpatient department, and inpatient department.
2. The stream of people is large, so it is necessary to automatically switch the access point to the wireless terminal during the mobile process.
3. Uneven distribution of terminals, to meet the automatic load balancing, to ensure the use of wireless networks.
4. The wireless network is mainly used for internal office use of doctors and patients accessing the Internet. AP needs to support multiple SSID settings, and different SSID has different network permissions.
5. High requirements for wireless security, especially office networks, must be authenticated to restrict illegal terminal access, such as MAC address authentication.
6. Outdoor wireless ap appearance should be beautiful and generous, it needs to support PoE power supply to meet fire control and cabling requirements.
7. AP supports unified management and configuration and monitors the working status of each AP in real time.