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4G router - Bank ATM self-service terminal wireless application Wireless networks are not affected by the physical factors of the network. Depending on the wireless network platform, the financial institutions can set the self-service equipment to any area covered by the wireless network, and can effectively expand the coverage of the business. In addition, in order to improve the volume of business transactions, the financial institutions can directly set up self-help equipment in high-quality customers by using the wireless access mode. Community service institutions and small business facilities in the community can effectively solve the problem of network access in the community banks and stores, and provide efficient financial services for the high-end users.

The advantages of connection between terminal ATM and router
1. Terminal equipment adopts wireless access mode, which is simple and fast in construction and reduces construction cost.
2. Use wireless access, which has high mobility and is not restricted by the region. It can be installed anywhere the wireless signal is covered. Its networking is convenient and makes the ATM terminal in the entire banking system wider, more convenient for the people.
3. The terminal transmission equipment can dial automatically, and can also set the on-line time according to the actual situation without artificial processing, it is suitable for ATM unattended situation.
4. Support VPDN network, provide WEB based system configuration interface and maintenance interface, support remote WEB management, and support LINUX and WINDOWS operating system. The powerful network management function is suitable for industrial application.
5. Support VPN security tunnel functions, including PPTP, L2TP, GRE, and IPSEC.
6. Wireless technology makes the system launch with very low power, it has little electromagnetic pollution to the environment, low electromagnetic interference to other automation equipment, high sensitivity and wide coverage of the terminal, and can meet the requirements of the wireless network in many industries.

In recent years, the application of the Internet of things has been widely applied in various fields. The influence of multi sim wifi router application on industries is becoming more and more widespread. The bank adopts wireless network to build a wireless networking system. Under the condition of very safe and reliable networking, the bank wireless communication industry system will be established, which will greatly expand. Mobile data application and further expansion of banking industry.