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Application solution - router scheme for environmental protection industry As the technical department of the national environmental protection system, the environmental monitoring department is an important foundation for environmental management. With the enhancement of public awareness of the environment, more and more people begin to care about the quality of the environment and require the transparency of the environmental protection work. And the superior departments also need a large number, various and information of large numbers, many kinds and fast updates. All this has given the environmental monitoring department a problem that should be paid attention to, that is how to establish an environmental data collection system with strong practicability, wide coverage, and good flexibility to meet the needs of all aspects of environmental monitoring information. In the environmental protection system, many pollution emission points are often monitored in real time. Most of the monitoring data need to be sent to the back-end server of the management center for processing in real time. Because monitoring points are scattered and widely distributed, and most of them are located in areas where the environment is worse, data transmission through telephone lines is worth half the effort. Data transmission through the GPRS router network has become one of the communication means chosen by the environmental protection department. The pollution source monitoring equipment can send the collected pollution data and alarm information to the environmental monitoring department in time through the GPRS network, and realize the timely management of the pollutant discharge units or individuals, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the environmental protection department.