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Bluetooth router: the solution for smart campus Bluetooth router is widely used in the field of education. The campus intelligent perception solution of a Bluetooth router and an intelligent hand loop, through the formation of Bluetooth router, realizes the seamless coverage of Bluetooth signals inside and outside the classroom. With the connection of the Bluetooth router and the intelligent hand loop, it collects and distributes the sports data of the students. The establishment of the student sports information database can help the school manage the campus card function, automatically perceive the attendance data, sensitively perceive the changes in the group's physical signs for intelligent early warning, and can support the students' individualized course selection.

In the indoor curriculum, Bluetooth router can connect the students' Bluetooth e-book and the handwritten board to realize the real-time collection of classroom work, the distribution of the test papers, the correction of the homework and the notice of the achievement, which greatly improves the efficiency of the classroom teaching. In outdoor physical education, Bluetooth router can connect a large number of Bluetooth sports equipment, such as intelligent hand ring, smart football, intelligent bat and so on. It can monitor the physical state of students in real time, collect sports information, establish the student sports database and so on. This campus perception solution has been put into use in primary and secondary schools. The school has arranged a number of Bluetooth routers on the playground, connecting the Bluetooth mobile hand ring worn by children with the Bluetooth router. The PE teacher can collect the physical information of each student (step number, heart rate, calorie, etc.) from the management terminal, and make an immediate assessment of the content and quality of the teaching, and customize the exclusive course for the children. At the same time, parents can also see the information about their children on the mobile phone. The school affairs can also get the students' information through the PC side, which greatly improves the efficiency of the school's information collection and management of the students.