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Technical Help

Remote Support
Sometimes remote support and configuration will make it easier to work.
Please following the steps, then contact us for remote support.
Normally there are two methods. Users can choose one of them.

Method 1
1. Get a laptop or PC with RJ45 and WiFI.
2. WiFi connects to WiFi Router to the internet.
3. RJ45 connects to E-Lins H685/H685m/H820/H700/H720/H900/H920 router
4. Set RJ45 network adapter manually as follows:
IP address: or (same range with E-Lins Router)
Gateway: keep blank
Primary DNS: keep blank
Secondary DNS: keep blank
5. Run Teamviewer and provide the ID and PSW for E-Lins for support.

Method 2
Here take an example of your xDSL Router LAN IP And E-Lins Router LAN IP
1. Get a computer with RJ45
2. Make sure the computer can go on the internet.
3. Connect E-Lins router to your current LAN. Connect E-Lins router RJ45 LAN to your switch LAN RJ45. (Make sure the E-Lins router LAN IP is not in the same range with your switch)
4. Configure the computer Ethernet Card as follows,
Then add an IP same range with E-Lins Router. For example, add IP
5. Now your computer can use internet via your xDSL Router and visit E-Lins Router web.
6. Run Teamviewer and provide the ID and PSW for E-Lins for support.