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What Is Wireless AP?


Wireless AP is a wireless access point. Its role is to put it into the wired network and then convert the cable signal into wireless network. The laptop or computer receives the signal it sends and gets access to wireless LAN. This is somewhat similar to the switch or wireless hub.

It is mainly used for broadband home, the internal of the building and the park. The typical distance covers tens of meters and even over 100 meters, and the current main technology is 802.11 series. Most Wireless AP also has access point client mode (AP client), and can be wirelessly connected with other AP, extending the network coverage.

Wireless AP can be divided into two categories: simple AP and extended AP. The simple AP is what we generally call the Wireless AP. The working principle of Wireless AP is that the network signal is transmitted over the twisted pair, Wireless AP compiles the signal, converts the electrical signal into a radio signal, sends the signal for wireless signal coverage. It’s equivalent to a wireless switch and only provides the function of wireless signal transmission. Extended AP is what we often call the wireless router. Through the wireless router, home adsl broadband users can achieve Internet connection sharing as well as community broadband wireless access.
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