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The security settings of 3g wifi router

The security settings of 3g wifi router Sending and receiving data through a wireless local area network is more likely to be tapped when compared with a wired network. To design a perfect system of wireless local area network, encryption and authentication are the security factors that need to be taken into consideration. The most fundamental purpose of applying encryption technology in wireless local area network is to enable wireless service to achieve the same security level as the wired business. WEP adopts the symmetric encryption mechanism. The encryption and decryption of the data adopt the same key and encryption algorithm. WEP uses the encryption key (also known as the WEP key) to encrypt the data portion of each packet that is exchanged on the 802.11 networks. When encryption is enabled, two 802.11 devices must be encrypted and have the same encryption key to communicate. WEP encryption is disabled by default, which means no encryption. Parameter optional settings Wireless security parameters are optional settings that generally have three parameters, respectively, as follows: (1) WEP key format: hexadecimal digit; ASCII character. (2) WEP encryption level: disable encryption function, 40 (64) Bit encryption, 128 bit encryption. The default value is disabled encryption. (3) WEP key value: set by the user.
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