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The Function Of 4G Modem

Recently, the Internet broadcast has become a hot Internet industry, whether internet star with millions of money or ordinary office workers have begun to use the mobile terminal to play Internet broadcast. Mobile broadcast is a advanced application which has high requires to data throughput and network environment. How to ensure that the broadcast terminal switch freely in the LTE cellular network and Wi-Fi environment and signal upload stable while live broadcast. It not only requires high-speed network provided by the operator, but also need good performance of the 4G modem in your phone. So that the live broadcast can show the interesting things that happen around you to your fans at first time.

In addition, if you focus on technology circles, you should also remember that a large number of mobile phones using MTK Helio X10 (MT6795) encountered the situation of Wi-Fi cutoff for no reason, and this problem has not been properly resolved. You can see the importance of 4G Modem. Its status is the same important as CPU, GPU and other components in the phone. After all, no network is equal to open the phone flight mode.

4G modem can not only improve the connectivity between cell phone and base station, but also intelligent identify work mode between Wi-Fi and LTE to switch freely. What’s more, it can improve the efficiency and speed of Wi-Fi which will benefit us much.

As part of the smart phone SoC, the role of the modem even extends to the power field and other fields to achieve "multiplier" effect. For example, Qualcomm adapts the Tru-Signal technology for modem which can intellectually compensate for signal obstacle to enhance the call stability, data transfer rate and call coverage, and at the same time reduce wireless power consumption, 50% increase in data transfer speed and 20% increase of battery life.

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