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The Development Trend of Wireless Routers

In the future, the wireless router is affected by the rapid development of intelligent technology and wireless network technology. It will tend to form a complete and independent functional system. It will have an independent operating system. It can install various applications by users themselves, control the bandwidth by themselves, and realize the intelligent management of the network and equipment. The intellectualization in application and the individuation in selection will become more and more intense. Overall, there will be rapid development from two aspects: basic performance and advanced performance.  Basic performance: safe and stable operation, wide range of signal coverage, high wireless transmission rate, strong anti-interference.  Advanced performance: supporting the latest 802.11ac protocol, carrying more applications, open software platform, mobile terminal control, diverse application scenes, cloud services, high-speed storage, built-in external antenna configuration, 5GHz band under the multi frequency, backstage downloading, climbing over firewall, access equipment control, simple and easy to use, it can realize the function with the wireless router lying in the corner to control the intelligent management of network equipment and its own intelligent operation.  Easy to use. The wireless router will be more simple and convenient in installation, it supports the mobile terminal page setting, and can easily realize various intelligent applications, such as visitor management, remote control, bandwidth control, timing switch and other functions, as well as flexible access to Internet.  High wireless transmission rate router. The wireless router of 150M and 300M is still highly concerned in the last two years. With the enhancement of wireless network technology, higher speed wireless routers bring users a smoother user's experience, such as the use of 11ac technology. Wireless routers in the total wireless transmission rate of 1000M are becoming the important products in the market.
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