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The Brief Introduction of Industrial Router 3G

The industrial router 3g applies industrial design and 3G network to transfer data. The device uses high-performance communication processor with the embedded real-time operating system RTOS as the software supportive platform. It integrates the whole series from the logical link layer to the application layer communicating protocol, supporting VPN (including PPTP+L2TP+MPP and IPSEC+GRE), IPTABLE firewalls, static and dynamic router, PPP server and PPP client, DHCP server and DHCP client, DDNS, firewalls, SNAT/DNAT, DMZ main engine, WEB configuration, APN/VPDN, autodial, automatic maintenance of communications link for ensuring its always online, automatic automatic timing online and referrals.

The industrial router 3g possesses the technology for maintaining the stability of system, making sure that the device will be always online. It is in a metal jacket, which avoids interference and radiation, and its hardware uses industrial design. The system needs the protection of watchdog WDT. In addition, it loads SWP (System Watch Protect).

It is mainly used for finance, transportation, monitoring, hydraulic engineering, environment, electric power, postal service, weather, mobile IoT and telecom IoT.
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