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The advantages of 3g internet router

The advantages of 3g internet router Always online connection With a 3g Internet router, you can connect a 3G/HSDPA USB modem to its built-in USB interface, which allows you to connect the network or GSM network that is over 3.5G /HSDPA, 3.75G /HSUPA, HSPA+, UMTS, GDGE, GPRS. The download rate is up to 14.4Mbps. When a wired network recovers, it can also automatically reconnect, reducing or minimizing the costs of connection. This feature is especially good for office environments, where it is important to have network continuity. Multifunctional services The USB interface of 3g Internet router, which can serve as a multifunctional server to help you to build a network of your own. When you go out, you can use office printers, monitor your house through the appropriate software, share files with colleagues or friends, or even download FTP or BT files. Multifunctional display tool The unique 3G management center is a versatile display tool. It visually displays signal conditions that enable users to make the most of their connections. You can monitor bandwidth with upload speed and download speed. This tool can calculate the total amount of data or hours used per month.
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