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Simulator Switches and Routers

Cisco Certification has been considered as IT industry gold standard. Routers and switches currently is widely used. Today we here make a comprehensive comparison between routers and switches.

1. Definition of simulator
Simulator refers to the virtual test environment created by software,  which includes the connected way of routers and switches needed by the experiments. Its operation is also very simple, just click the relevant equipment. Although, the simulator is quite expensive,but there are many great features. One the one hand, it can be installed inside computer, you don’t have to go laboratory. On the other hand, you can study knowledge over textbook range. You can learn anything as long as the simulator can support.

2. Category of simulator
The common simulator can be divided into five kinds, they are: RouterSim4.0、Betsy Virtual Lab,  Cisco Networking Academy Flah Lab、CIM、Boson Netsim5.31.

3. Cisco professional certification
Cisco professional certification exams this completely unlike the domestic traditional test, in addition to adaptation, there are many operational examination question. It gives a simulated environment and configuration conditions and requires you to correct command line operation. For many examinees, it is quite difficult since there is rare opportunities to operate in such real operating environment. Thus, their practical abilities are much lower. However, for many international certificate especially Cisco, it is quite important for examinees to practice well in actual operation. There principle is to let every examinees are qualified enough to operate instead of just knowing theory well. 

Simulator and Cisco router are equipment frequently used in daily operation. Network engineer must also know well the skills.
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