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Purchasing Skills of Industrial Wireless Router

Easy for use When buying the industrial wireless router, be sure to pay attention to the description of the router or ask the merchant to see if the web interface is provided, otherwise there may be difficulties in configuration or maintenance for home users. And many router maintenance interfaces are all in Chinese, the interface is more humanized, making operation easier.  Number of LAN ports LAN port is the local area network port, because the number of home computers cannot be too much, so the number of LAN ports that can meet our demand is enough, too many LAN ports for the family is a waste, and will increase unnecessary expenses. Number of WAN ports The WAN port is the broadband network port. It is the WAN interface used to connect to the Internet network. Usually in home broadband networks, WAN port connections such as cell broadband LAN interface or ADSLMondem and so on. But the general family broadband user is not very high on the network, so the WAN port of the router usually needs only one. It is unnecessary to use multiple WAN port routers for the excessive pursuit of network bandwidth, and we do not need to spend unnecessary money.  Function application In 2013, many broadband routers on the market provided firewall, dynamic DNS, website filtering, DMZ, network printer and so on. Some of these functions are more practical for home broadband users, such as firewall, website filtering, DHCP, virtual dial-up function and so on. But some functions can hardly be used by ordinary family broadband users, such as DMZ, VPN, network printer function and so on. So when choosing home routers, we should consider whether it is necessary to pay for some functions that are barely used.
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