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Product Function of Wireless Router

A wireless router is an extended product that combines simple wireless AP and broadband routers. It not only has all the functions of simple wireless AP, such as supporting DHCP clients, VPN, firewall, WEP encryption, etc, but also includes network address conversion (NAT) function, which can support network connection share of LAN users. Wireless router can realize Internet connection and share in home wireless network, and can also realize ADSL, Cable modem and broadband wireless access. A wireless router can be connected directly to ADSL MODEM or CABLE MODEM connected by all Ethernet, and can be re connected in use by a LAN, such as a switch / hub, a broadband router, and so on. It has a simple virtual dialing software, which can store user name and password dial-up, and can provide automatic dial-up function for dialing Internet ADSL, CM and so on, without manual dialing or using a computer as a server. In addition, wireless router generally has relatively perfect security protection function. 3G Internet router is mainly embedded wireless 3G module in the original router. Firstly, users use a card (USIM card) to plug in 3G internet routers, through the operator 3G network WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and other dial-up networks, it can achieve data transmission, surf Internet and so on. The router has WIFI function to share the Internet, as long as the mobile phone, computer, PSP have wireless network card or the function of WiFi, it can access Internet through the 3G Internet router, which provides a great convenience for the realization of the wireless LAN sharing 3G wireless network. Some manufacturers also have cable broadband interface, and the 3G Internet router can access the Internet without 3G network. Through the 3G Internet router, broadband connections can be achieved or surpass the bandwidth of the current ADSL network, and become widely used in the Internet and other applications.
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