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3g Router Vendors: Optimization of Router Line Connection

Broadband router in modern life is more commonly used, for example, surfing internet requires broadband router. Of course, there are some tips of routers optimization.

Network failure difference
Like other internet equipment,  improper settings or maintenance will result in various failures. The most direct impact is the network access rate decline. Many times we face network malfunction, few believe that these failures are related to the router. First of all, we need to figure out the network fault is caused by router or line and then to analyze how to solve the problem.

Correct connection
Under normal circumstances, we should have the WAN port of broadband router control panel and ADSL Modem connected with twisted-pair cable. Telephone cable must be inserted into the broadband cats in the line of the port and the broadband router and broadband cat twisted-pair cable connection must use the straight line.

The link light at the router control panel corresponding to the LAN port should be long bright or in flashing state. If the signal light is abnormal, there must be problems between the lines and broadband router.

The correct router connection can ensure smooth lines. In order to have the broadband routers worked, only to ensure that the network line is in a flow connected state.

Router cable connections are fundamental to the router optimization technique.

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