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Operation Principles of 4G Network Router

4G network routers allow your desktop computers and PC to have an access to wired or 4G wireless network through the network interface. For example, with 4G routers, you can easily download pictures and HD videos, run multimedia software, watch movies or share files with your customers, team members, friends, or family. This router can even be used as a printer server, Webcam or FTP server to realize hardware network sharing. When it is connected to the 4G network, it can monitor the connection status of the 4G network at any time through the value-added application software. At the same time, the 4G management center enables you to monitor or maximize your network connection, it can also manage your 4G monthly traffic. Operation principles: 4G network router is equal to an original router embedded with a wireless 4G module. First, the users insert a SIM card into the 4G routers, make use of the operators’ 4G network such as WCDMA and TD-SCDMA for dial-up, you can achieve data transmission, Internet connection and so on. The router has WIFI function to share the Internet, as long as the mobile phone, computer and PSP have wireless network cards or WiFi functions, the user can have the access to the Internet through the 4G wireless router, which provides great convenience for the realization of WLAN sharing 3G wireless network. The 4G network routers of some manufacturers have cable broadband interface and can access the Internet without 4G. Through the 4G wireless router, broadband connections can be achieved to or surpass the bandwidth of the current ADSL network, it is widely used in the Internet of things and other fields.
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