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Introduction of Multi-sim 4G Router

Multi-sim 4G routers support the use of plugged-in 4G cards or cables of multiple operators, and ordinary routers are generally used for plugging-in cables. From this we can see that the use of 4G multi-card aggregate routers is more convenient and flexible. For example mobile phones, plug-in cards can be used at any time. After all, pulling out optical fibers is more troublesome, and the current 4G traffic is becoming cheaper and cheaper.

Multi-sim 4G routers can aggregate the bandwidth of multiple links, which not only improves the bandwidth of upstream and downstream network in mobile environment, but also reduces the blind area of mobile network signals and improves the network availability because the devices support the simultaneous interpolation of SIM cards from different operators. It allows the download speed to easily reach more than gigabytes, upload speed to more than 100 megabytes, and high stability, low latency, no packet loss, to meet a variety of very high requirements for special scenarios.

Ordinary routers are generally used in the home or business company scenarios, while multi-sim 4G routers are generally used in scenarios requiring stable network, delay, high bandwidth or weak networks such as outdoor, dense population, such as high-speed rail, large-scale conferences, high-definition live broadcasting, emergency rescue, outdoor live broadcasting, etc., so ordinary people do not have much contact.
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