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How To Set Wireless Router

Wireless router is a kind of router with a wireless coverage function, which is mainly used for internet access and wireless coverage. Wireless router can be seen as a transponder, which can transmit broadband network signal accepted at home to the nearby wireless network equipment (laptop, computers, phones, etc.) through the antenna. Popular wireless routers on the market generally support four access method of xdsl / cable, dynamic xdsl and pptp. And it also has some other network management functions, such as dhcp services, nat firewall, mac address filtering and so on.

Entering internet era, every family has computer, notebook, ipad and netbook, for our work, life, learning are inseparable from the computer and mobile Internet, thus router is now a necissity for almost every family. The mainstream router brand currently on the market are: tp-link router, Tengda router, Mercury router, Fixun router, FAST quick router and millet router. Today I will teach you how to set a router conveniently.

Router Setup Step 1:

Connect the line

Router Setup Step 2: 

Configure the computer with router, and the computer internet protocol (TCP / IP) attribute is set to "automatically obtain IP address" and "automatically obtain DNS server address"

Router Setup Step 3:

After entering the website: (some router’s login website is, you can enter the password of router and open the router log in page to enter the account number and password of broadband, then you can connect to the Internet.

Router settings Step 4: 

For the wireless Internet access of mobile phone, laptops and ipad, you can set the router's wireless password.

The above is the common method to set up router. The steps are mostly the same among different wireless routers of various brand.

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