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Function And Application Scope of Industrial 4G Routers

Industrial 4G router supports operator special network APN and virtual private network VPN (including VPN client, VPN sever). The VPN supports PPTP and L2TP protocol. Industrial 4g router also supports QOS management services, set equipment priority and equipment, application broadband restrictions, so the management of various networking servers becomes easier. Industrial 4G router supports DHCP server and DHCP client, DHCP bundled MAC address, real-time display data transmission rate and other functions; it also supports TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, HTTP and many other network protocols. It is easy to use and is flexible, it has multiple modes of work for selection. Industrial 4G router has convenient system configuration and maintenance interface (including local and remote WEB and CLI mode). It supports a variety of WAN connection modes, including static IP, DHCP, L2TP, PPTP, PPPOE, 2G/3G/4G. It also supports remote management, SSHD, HTTPS and other functions.  It supports local and remote online upgrade, import and export configuration files. It also supports NTP, built-in RTC and a variety of DDNS at home and abroad. It supports MAC address cloning, PPPoE server. It supports a variety of upper and lower line trigger mode, including SMS, telephone ringing, serial port data, network data triggering up and down mode.

Application scope of industrial 4G routers
At present, industrial 4G router is widely used in the M2M industry in the Internet of things industry chain, such as industrial control network, smart grid, personal medical treatment, intelligent transportation, smart home, finance, mobile POS terminal, supply chain automation, industrial automation, intelligent building, fire protection, public safety, environmental protection, weather, digital medical treatment, remote sensing exploration, surveying, agriculture, forestry, water, coal, petrochemical and other fields.
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