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Distinguish: Common 4G Router and Industrial 4G Router


Most industrial routers is used for data transmission and other functions. In order to meet so many people wireless Internet demand at the same time, the router tape and forwarding performance must be great. However, home routers is low in density and with low signal strength and low coverage. Its limited forwarding performance and with a machine capacity can not meet large scale wireless internet needs.

Comparing to home routers, industrial routers are much better in this aspect enabling more people high-speed internet surfing.

Most enterprise-class routers are generally with high frequency, strong data processing capabilities, a longer range, greater coverage significantly improve the transmitting speed and network stability achieving high-speed Internet access.

Temperature is the main difference between industrial routers and common routers. Industrial routers should better work under 30 to 80 Celsius while the common routers should work under temperature range from -10 to 60 Celsius environment.

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