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Differences Between Wireless AP And Wireless Router (1)


Functional difference

Wireless AP: AP is short for Access Point and is generally translated as "wireless access node", which mainly provides the access from wireless workstations to the wired LAN and from wireless workstations to wired LAN. In the coverage range of the access point, wireless workstations can communication through it. Commonly speaking, wireless AP is the bridge between wireless network and cable network. As the wireless AP coverage is a circular area that spreads outward, therefore, try to put the wireless AP in the center of the wireless network. And the line distance between all wireless clients and wireless AP should not be more than 30 meters to avoid communication failure resulting from excessively weakened communication signals.

Wireless router: The wireless router is a combination of simple AP and broadband router; it can realize the Internet connection and sharing in home wireless network by means of router function, and realize wireless sharing access of ADSL and residential broadband. In addition, through the wireless router, the terminals of wireless and wired connections can be all distributed to one sub-net. In this way, it’s quite convenient for all devices to exchange data in the sub-net.

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