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Characteristics and Benefits of Industrial 4G Router


Characteristics of Industrial 4G Router

1. Reliable networking and communication

It uses high performance industrial wireless module and high stability and high precision components.
Extremely wide temperature design of 35 ~+75 degrees Celsius can withstand low temperature and high temperature. It can work even in high temperature and severe cold environment, and its stability is very good.

2. Fast data processing and transmission

The CPU processing speed of industrial 4G routers is three times faster than that of conventional wireless routers, and the transmission speed of WIFI is increased to 150 Mbps. Built-in FLASH, RAM, capacity increased by twice, can meet the large amount of data wireless transmission, so that pictures, videos and other is clearer and more smooth.

3. Bandwidth resource allocation

Bandwidth resource allocation can be controlled to control new traffic, record traffic, and display network speed in real time. It can manage bandwidth reasonably according to the type of network protocol.

4. Powerful WIFI

WIFI supports 802.11b/g/n, WIFI AP, AP Client, repeater, relay bridge and WDS, and supports WEP, WPA and other encryption modes, WIFI communication needs have been greatly satisfied. WIFI is designed with built-in integration, so the stability of the product will be very strong.

5. Providing equipment management platform

Supporting the centralized management, batch configuration and upgrading of a large number of equipment, the implementation and management of large projects is more efficient.

6. Real-time display of signal intensity

It can display the network signal strength at any time, so it will be more convenient to manage.

Benefits of using industrial 4G routers:

Firstly, it is highly protective and stable

This is the biggest feature of industrial wireless routers. Because most industrial routers work outdoors, they must have strong stability. Especially when no one is on duty, the problem of routers will increase the cost of maintenance.

Second: Rich routing protocols, transport security

For enterprises and engineering, the network environment is particularly important. Traditional routers are not as good as industrial wireless routers in anti-virus, hacker and other aspects, and industrial routers support L2TP, GRE, VPN PPTP, OPENVPN, static routing, etc., in order to ensure data transmission security.

Third: Powerful Data Processing Ability

Industrial routers are based on high-frequency processors, so the data processing capability is very strong, can accommodate many people at the same time, high-speed Internet access.

Fourth: Rich interfaces

Industrial routers not only support the conversion from 3G/4G to WIFI and wired functions, but also configure RS232 serial port to support the transmission from serial port to Ethernet.

Fifth: Supporting remote management

At the same time, the industrial router is also monitored and managed remotely, and the operation is very convenient.
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