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Definition of CAT4/CAT6


LTE CAT full name of the LTE UE-Category. LTE refers to 4G LTE internet, UE refers to the user equipment and category is commonly translated into grade. Generally, it is considered as the internet transmitting rate class of the user equipment that supports 4G LTE. CAT4 also can be said as the technical standard of 4G internet speed. So LTE CAT4/CAT6 refers to a user equipment’s LTE network access capability rating of 4 or 6.

Since different in level, LTE CAT4 and LTE CAT6’s capacity is certainly not the same. Simply speaking, LTE CAT is the main factor affecting 4G LTE uplink, downlink network speed limit that is the maximum upload and download speed.definition-of-cat4-cat6-1.jpg

Besides 4 or 6 two levels, there are many other LTE CAT categories. LTE CAT levels value of the form refers to the maximum transmission speed currently known. Wherein LTE CAT4 / CAT6 is currently at 4G mobile phone network transmission technical state while faster CAT7 and CAT8 is still at the laboratory stage.
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