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Brief Introduction of 4G Cellular Router

People may have a doubt before contacting the 4G routers, that is, what's the difference between the 4G routers and the ordinary routers? 4G router, in fact, is an ordinary router added with a 4G dialing part, it can be divided into built-in type and external type. The built-in type has several individual 4G modules installed in the PCB. After you insert the SIM card into the router and receive the base station signals successfully, you can have the access to the Internet. As for the external type, connect the 4G USB network card to the USB interface of the 4G router to realize dial-up Internet access, that is, Internet sharing. That is to say, it is possible to achieve the whole batch of computer Internet access without the convenience of the Internet cable. The 4G router enables you to enjoy the speedy network life anytime and anywhere under the WIFI security assurance, never going offline and intelligent management. 4G routers are equipped with the latest 4G and Wireless-N technology, it is a full-functional network device that allows you to enjoy network in outdoor meetings, exhibitions, conferences, factories and homes without any worry.

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