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Application Scope of Industrial 4G LTE Router

As a foundation, public wireless network builds bridges between data acquisition and application, and provides wireless data transmission for users. The rapid development of the Internet of things has promoted the development of industrial routers. The key component of the integrated application system of the Internet of things is the industrial 4G LTE router.  First of all, industrial 4G LTE router can be used in self-service terminal networking. The operating institutions can also set the self-service equipment (such as sales machines, ticketing machines, payment terminals, etc.) to any area covered by the wireless network (such as shopping malls, blocks, communities and so on), using 4G industrial wireless routers to organize networks, and users can easily manage them remotely. In this way, business volume and profit can be greatly increased.  Secondly, it can also be used in remote video monitoring. The remote video monitoring system can be widely used in the intelligent monitoring of transmission lines. The system can monitor the remote real-time video of transmission lines, all levels of iron towers and transformer substations. The collection of real-time video image information can be transmitted to the center of management through the link of industrial 4G LTE router. Real time monitoring of the state of transmission lines can greatly enhance the level of production management to meet the needs of management.
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