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The Application Scheme of Industrial 3G Wifi Router

Remote video monitoring system begins to be applied extensively in the intelligent monitoring of electric transmission line. The system carries out a remote real-time video monitor of the electric transmission line, pylons with all levels of electric transmission line and transmission and substations devices. The real-time video image information collected will be sent to management center through industrial 3G Wifi Router. Having a real-time protection of the states of electric transmission line will promote the lean level of production management.

The management of public bicycles in the traffic field

The public bicycle net-rent system is composed of management center, customer service and bicycle leasing sites. Industrial 3G Wifi Router application is within communicating managing system, which realizes the retransmission between the system of lease management box and backend data, smart parking system and the interference of data in the clearing system as well as data transmission function s of another application system.

Remote device monitoring

The meaning of using industrial 3G Wifi Router to set up the CNC remote monitoring and diagnosis system is to combine the CNC diagnosis technology with Internet of Things wireless communicating technology, establishing observation point on the numerical control, collecting its data from operating state and conducting an expert diagnostic center in the enterprise LAN and INTERNET to analyze and make a conclusion of the running state of numerical control. It will help the fault diagnosis more flexible, increase the precision and working efficiency effectively and reduce the servicing time.
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