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Application of Industrial 4G Mordern Router in Intelligent Factory

Wireless networks are widely used in enterprises. In the enterprise industry, wireless networks have been widely used in offices, warehouses and production scenes. In the office, the wireless network enables employees to be free from the constraints of the Internet and mobile office. A perfect authentication and security system can enable employees to realize BYOD and improve work efficiency. In storage, wireless networks allow scanning terminals to move in and carry on the entry of barcode at anytime and anywhere, greatly improving the efficiency of warehousing and storage. In production, wireless networks provide the management of production processes network connection anytime and anywhere, which makes fine production better. Wireless network, with its unrelated cable, low investment cost and easy to deploy and easy to expand, is being used by enterprise users to more places for wireless deployment environment, which challenges the wireless coverage ability. The environment of enterprise production and office is various. In wireless construction, we should take full consideration of the signal blocking in different environment, high and low-temperature dust, the same frequency interference and other factors, and then choose different coping schemes.
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