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Application of Industrial 4G LTE Router in Digital Hospital

The aim of digital hospital is to apply advanced digital technology to digitized collection, processing, storage, transmission, sharing and retrieval of all kinds of information in hospital, and to realize digitalization of clinical, digitalization of medical process, digitalization of management process, digitalization of service mode and form of communication form. So it can improve the operating efficiency and core competitiveness of the hospital.

Industrial 4G LTE router 
can provide the following support for digital hospital:

1. The intelligent and stable basic network ensures the functions of the core switching area, the server &, storage area, the server management area, the data center interconnected area and other functional areas to be independent and achieve effective security isolation.

2. To streamline the cloud data center of the fusion architecture, the virtualization system will pool all the hardware resources and provide the users with transparent resource services. The cloud management platform provides all kinds of services to the users, implements the business application in the form of service, and manages the butt expansion of the resources, horizontal implementation and the third party system vertically.

3. Relying on the Internet of things technology, the whole scenario wireless provides targeted solutions such as loading and unloading, intelligence sharing and so on for the inpatient area, outpatient district business and office area business. 

4. The hospital IT operation and maintenance management platform (CMS) can integrate all kinds of subsystems of the hospital information department, provide unified access and management view, fit the user's use habits, provide custom style, realize multi style chart display, realize single sign on and seamless docking of various systems. 
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