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How Many Antennas Make A High-Quality Wireless Router? (2)

Is there any difference between the wireless router with one antenna, the antenna router with two antennas, the antenna router with three antennas, the antenna router with four antennas and the antenna router with even more antennas? Yes, there is. But it doesn’t make a great impact on the actual application process, not to mention better signal coverage, signal strength and high speed. Despite the rarely seen single antenna, more antennas are only the "medium" or "tool" to achieve MIMO technology, and the difference only lies in the application structure: the common dual-antenna products mainly use 1T2R or 2T2R while the routers with three antennas use 2T3R or 3T3R.m2m-1.jpg
Theoretically, increasing the number of antennas will reduce the signal coverage blind spots. However, through much evaluation and verification, such difference is completely negligible in the general family environment. Besides, as the built-in antenna can be compared to the external one, the case that three antenna coverage is not as good as dual-antenna is not unusual. After all, product quality is one important factor. The signal strength depends on the transmission power. Ministry of Industry has stipulated that it should not be higher than 20dBm (i.e. 100mW). That “more antennas bring stronger signal” would make no sense. In conclusion, as long as the router adopts the effective MIMO technology, the number of antennas doesn’t make a difference.
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