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Advantages of Industrial GSM Router

Industrial GSM Router is a multifunction display tool

The unique 3G management center is a multi-functional display tool, which visually displays signal conditions, enabling users to maximize their connections. You can monitor bandwidth by uploading speed and downloading speed. This tool can calculate the total amount of data or the total amount of hours spent each month.

Gain antenna signal
In wireless networks, antennas can enhance the purpose of wireless signals, and can be understood as amplifiers for wireless signals. The antenna has different radiation or receiving ability for different directions of space, and according to the directivity, antennas have two kinds of omnidirectional and directional.

Omnidirectional antenna
On the horizontal plane, the antenna with no maximum direction of radiation and reception is called an omnidirectional antenna. Because omnidirectional antenna has no directivity, it is widely used in the communication center of point to multipoint. For example, if you want to establish a wireless connection between two adjacent buildings, you can choose this kind of antenna.

Directional antennas
Antennas with one or more radiations and maximum directions of receiving capacity are called directional antennas. The energy of the directional antenna is concentrated, the gain is higher than that of the omnidirectional antenna, and it is suitable for the point to point communication in the long distance. At the same time, because of the direction, the anti-interference ability is strong. For example, when building a wireless connection across several buildings in a community, you can choose this type of antenna.
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