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4G Router

We must be familiar with router, as it is used widely whether at home, school or company, in order to meet the needs of the Internet. However, with the increase in demand, many brands of routers appeared and 4G network era emerged. 4G router came into being as the general trend in order to meet people's living needs. But most of us may not understand it thoroughly. There i will introduce 4G router in detail.

4G router is an industrial networking high-speed router with full line compatible 4G / 3.5G / 3G / 2.5G network, flagship configuration, VPN link, industrial-grade protection, wide temperature design, stable wireless transmission network. Besides, it is easy to set up high-speedcan and provides long-distance wireless data transmission for users by public TD-SCDMA network.

General 4G router provides a RS232 (or RS485 / RS422), four Ethernet LAN, an Ethernet WAN and a WIFI interface, which can  be connected to serial devices, Ethernet devices and wifi devices and achieve transparent data transmission and routing features.

4G router principle: Embed wireless 4G module in the original router. First of all, users insert a tariff card (SIM card) into 4G router, then dial-up networking through the operator 4G network WCDMA and TD-SCDMA, then you can achieve data transmission, Internet access and so on. As long as the phone, computer or psp have a wireless card or wifi function, they can be connected to internet through the 4G wireless router which can share Internet. 4G router provides a great convenience for wireless LAN sharing 3G wireless network.

Some manufacturers also have a wired broadband interface, which can access to the Internet without 4G. Through the 4G wireless router, you can also achieve broadband.

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