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Wireless Routers

Routers contain wired and wireless. It's not a simple wireless access point. A wireless router is a device which is used for providing internet access or private data networks. WiFi and radio are wireless routers' key feature, and Ethernet ports are also included. WiFi routers (also named WLAN routers) and 4G routers are all wireless routers.

What is the industrial wireless router?

The industrial 3g 4g wireless router is a durable device which can be used to connect two or more networks. And it can transmit signals to the required ports only. The gateway can do the transformation between standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet protocol, wireless and wired interface, or Ethernet and field bus communication protocol.

The performance for processing is from 200 to more than 1500 MIPS, and the on-chip memory capacity is usually larger than 256 KB two-level cache. The factory automation equipment has a strong structure which is suitable for a harsh industrial environment with no fan cooling and is specially used for data transmission equipment in the industrial field.

LTE wireless routers are the core equipment for enterprises to form networks. But the purchase of it can be an unavoidable problem. Because of the lack of professional knowledge, many executives often choose low-cost household routers for wireless coverage.

In fact, this action is very incorrect, because the household ordinary routers are often designed for the usage of the home environment. If it is applied to the industry, the stability and security will be difficult to guarantee. So the enterprises must choose professional industrial 3g 4g wireless modem router if they want to achieve the wireless coverage.

Normally people mean WiFi router as a wireless router. Technology and features are updated day by day. Nowadays routers with mobile features work under mobile networks, make a brilliant advance. 802.11b/g/n/AC WiFi wireless and mobile radio wireless (2G/3G/4G/5G) bring wired routers getting wireless feature, make it easier to build the LAN and networks.

802.11AC supports 1200Mbps dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless, even higher data speed with evolutionary technologies.  Current popular 4G LTE brings cat6 300Mbps data speed (updated cat8 1200Mbps download, 600Mbps upload), which make wireless brilliant for different applications, and make every people and machine connected.

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