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Wireless AP

Wireless Access Point (AP) brings greater development chances to the industry.

The Internet of Things represents an exciting opportunity, which allows devices to connect to a wider network so that data can be accessed on a regular basis, providing the embedded system designers with more options.

The wireless access points of E-lins are focused on the needs of the application industry and provide the trade customers with an overall one-stop solution from the terminal to platform application. It mainly has the remote management of the equipment, state monitoring, remote firmware upgrading, remote configuration and other functions, as well as facilitates centralized management of the equipment, which brings huge-scale economies to the industrial sector.

The Internet of Things is an increasingly important part of the market. It has its own specific requirements. Discrete controllers and transceivers can be used for low-cost and tightly integrated designs, while the core of the 32-bit controller lies in the process protocol and application code of the system chip. Both methods are used with modules that provide the pre-certified function, greatly reducing the time to develop and test wireless solutions for IoT without affecting space or performance.

Wifi network access point is a kind of wireless network access point. Wireless AP is the wired network access point where users who use wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptop and other wireless devices can enter the wired network. Wireless AP now is widely applied to broadband home, inside building, inside the campus, inside park as well as warehouses, factories and other places that need wireless monitoring. Typical coverage of wireless AP ranges from ten meters to hundred meters around. The farthest transmission distance of E-Lins wireless AP can reach 30KM or even to 50KM.

Wireless AP can also be used for small wireless LAN connection so as to achieve the purpose of expansion. Wireless AP acts as a bridge between the wireless stations and the wired backbone that help achieve a seamless integration of the wireless and the wired. Wireless AP not only allows wireless stations to access network resources but also increases the available resources for the wired network.

There are two main wifi amplifier repeater, outdoor wireless AP and indoor wireless AP three main categories of wireless AP in E-Lins. All of them are equipped with the most advanced technology and hardware. Wireless AP significantly improves modern Internet experience. For more details, welcome to E-Lins.