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OpenWRT Routers

What is an OpenWRT router?

The OpenWRT wifi router of E-Lins company is a router firmware project, similar to a distribution of a mature Linux embedded system. You can download the package for a specific hardware configuration and use the provided toolchain to build the hardware code. This may complicate the deployment process but provides tremendous flexibility.

To save time, various pre-built versions of OpenWRT can be applied for common hardware types and router platforms, including everything from the general-purpose x86 system to the Broadcom and Atheros chipsets, which are used to drive many open firmware routers. The manufacturers of OpenWRT suggest finding a foothold and learning how to do it yourself with the help of the ready-made version.

In addition to extensive hardware and platform support, OpenWRT supports the OLSR Mesh network protocol, which permits the creation of a mobile self-organizing network from multiple OpenWRT devices. Conveniently, once deployed, OpenWRT can be modified without refreshing the firmware. Packages can be added or removed through the built-in package management system.

Comparing to SDK, OpenWRT is an embedded operating system based on the Linux kernel, primarily used on embedded devices to route network traffic. Its main components are the Linux kernel, busyBox, util-linux, uClibc or musl. Components’ size of OpenWRT is optimized to fit home routers use.

Unlike other routers, OpenWRT wireless routers adopt zero-written, fully functional, easy-modified router operating system.

A router openwrt is featured with high configure. It can support 40 computers Internet access at the same time. OpenWRT routers are with a strong signal so you don't worry about week signal. With strong network components and stability, it is often applied to industrial equipment, telephones, small robots, intelligent home, routers and VOIP equipment.

OpenWRT wireless routers are able to realize offline download, camera mount, private cloud set up, personal web server and etc such multiple requirements which common routers cannot compare. OpenWRT wifi routers allow users to brush OpenWRT firmware enabling users to enjoy more intelligent network applications. OpenWRT routers have a web interface that helps you do better multimedia work.

E-Lins has a long history of routers manufacturing. Its OpenWRT routers enjoy high reputation among customers. 4G OpenWRT Router, 3G OpenWRT Router and OEM LTE WRT router are all accessible in E-Lins.