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4G WiFi Router Industrial 4G LTE M2M router with Wlan VPN GPS Unlocked Sim Slot MIMO
4G WiFi Router Industrial 4G LTE M2M router with Wlan VPN GPS Unlocked Sim Slot MIMO
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E-Lins routers mainly focus on cellular types, such as 3G and 4G routers. 4G is 4G LTE, which is a new technology with 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed. And can be easily updated to 150Mbps, 300Mbps,1000Mbps or higher speed.

For single sim 4G router, the main models are H685, H685m, and H820.

4g wifi router specification

The 4g lte router with sim is an industrial networking high-speed router which equipped with 4G/3.5G/3G/2.5G network, the flagship configuration and VPN link.It is also with industrial grade protection, wide temperature design easy to form a high-speed wireless transmission network and enables stable, long distance wireless data transmission function for the public LTE network users.

E-Lins industrial 4G LTE M2M router adopts industrial high performance 32 bit processor communication and industrial wireless module and is embedded real-time operating system as the software platform. 4g modem router with sim card slot can provide 1 RS232 (or RS485/RS422), 4 LAN Ethernet, 1 WAN and 1 WIFI Ethernet interface while connect with the serial port equipment, Ethernet device and WIFI device to realize data transmission and routing function.

E-Lins has been pursuing a highly effective operation system to satisfying customers. We also endeavor to improve our product quality and service. Our 4g lte wireless routers have passed the ISO9001/14000 certification and CCC (China Compulsory Certification).

Matters of attention to purchase a 4G WiFi router with a SIM slot:

In industrial applications, 4G WiFi router with a SIM slot is a common information transmission equipment, and the abundant types in the market make the choices be more difficult.
However, the quality of the purchase to meet the requirements of the router is also a knack, next E-Lins will share the tips:

1. Is the local 4G network convenient and full coverage? If not, you can consider other types of routers such as 3g network.

2. Select the number of WAN and LAN ports based on actual requirements.

3. Carefully check environment, humidity, whether anti-static and lightning protection while using, these are instructive for future usage.

4. It is also very important to confirm the brand, the reputation and quality of good brands rarely disappoint you, such as E-Lins.
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