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4G Modems

4g modems is an LTE modem, which is compatible with WCDMA / CDMA2000 / EDGE / GPRS / GSM networks mainly applied to industrial data transmission, Internet access, message transmission and network information inquiry.

Standard USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 communication interface effectively ensure the data transmission speed. E-Lins industrial 4g lte modem adopts industrial-grade design standards featured with super moisture protection, lightning protection and anti-electromagnetic interference capability. Metal package make solid and reliable appearance which is much suitable for industrial use.

The usage methods and application environment of 4G cellular modems:

1. The usage methods

The industrial grade modem router wifi 4g can transform Ethernet and field bus communication protocols. This can be achieved by the terminal IP. What need to do is only to set the designated IP address as the gateway. If there is no specified IP address, or the specified IP address segment, then the communication function can not be realized.

The main function of DTU is to achieve dial-up rather than being a gateway in a real sense. For example, the 4G DTU can be used as a new network device after the terminal device completes the dial-up link. And the terminal device address can bind the address by this DTU.

2. Application Environment

The industrial routers usually have VPN/APN functions, it also has the features with special network encryption. What’s more, the industrial 4G routers with WIFI functions are suitable for outdoor WIFI wireless signal coverage projects, as well as public transit WIFI and commercial city WIFI shared projects.

4g modem with sim card slot is extremely compact modems that help extend your internet coverage making it an ideal choice for business users for they assure frequent travel fast internet connection.

Besides all these awe-inspiring features, 4g modems also offer credible security that protects your device safe from harmful content and enables you to exercise parental controls.

4g lte cellular modems are user-friendly modems realizing a one-stop destination to access Internet speeds and also enabling you to download and stream HD videos and movies faster than ever before. E-Lins has focused on M2M applications, high-end wireless communications transmission equipment research and development for many years.

E-Lins product lines include industrial wireless router, industrial wireless modem, wireless IP modem (DTU), WiFi repeater, GPS terminals and etc. Our advanced 4G modems include: 4G FDD LTE Modem, 4G TDD LTE Modem.