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3G Routers

What is industrial 3G router?

Industrial 3G wifi router is a kind of routers that adopts 3G net to transmit data with industrial grade design. The device is equipped with a high-performance industrial grade communication processor, it uses embedded real-time operating system as its software supporting platform, it integrates the whole series of communication protocols from logic link layer to application layer. 3g internet router has functions like it can support VPN(including PPTP+L2TP+MPPE and IPSE+GRE), IPTABLE firewall, static and dynamic routers, PPP server and PPP client, DHCP server and DHPC client, DDNS, firewall, SNAT/DNAT, DMZ host and WEB configuration, it can also support APN/VPDN, power automatic dialing, automatic maintenance of communication links. And best 3g wireless router can ensure that the communication links will always be online, it supports automatic timed online and offline.

Industrial 3G routers have technologies to keep the systems stable, ensure that the device can always be online, it is packed by mental shells and has abilities of anti-interference and radiation protection, the hardware adopt industrial grade design. The systems are protected by the watchdogs WTD and they have monitors to protect SWP in addition.

They are now mainly applied in the fields like finance, transportation, surveillance, water management, environmental protection, electricity, postal service, meteorology, mobile Internet of things and telecom Internet of things, etc.
A 3G gsm router refers to the device with high level 3G mobile network technology. 3G technologies mainly cover WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA three standards. WCDMA is most popular and widely applied in the world. Its common speed can reach 42Mbit/s (DC-HSPA+). For its fast internet speed, internet connection sharing via WLAN has become a workable reality. 3G router is an ideal solution for creating a broadband connection where there is no fixed line. A 3G router allows you to share your 3G broadband with more wifi devices.

E-Lins 3G wireless routers assure wifi security assurance which enables you to enjoy fast speed network life and achieve intelligent network management. No matter indoor and outdoor meeting, exhibition hall, factory and home, 3g routers have become an indispensable wifi transmitter ensuring a strong and consistent 3G signal wherever you are. 3G routers accept selected 3G USB modems or a SIM card inserted directly into a slot on the router. This offers nationwide availability where there is a 3G mobile signal available. 802.11n wireless access point makes 3G router's transmission rate three times higher than the 802.11b / g network devices while also supports for 300Mbps or 450Mbps data rate.

E-Lins is a professional wireless router manufacturer specialized in various high-quality 3G routers research for many years. WCDMA 3G wifi router, industrial 3G wifi router and dual sim 3G router are all our featured products.