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3G Modems

The NSSA (not-so-stubby area) Area and the Totally Stub Area of Industrial Grade 3G Modem

The industrial grade 3G wifi Modem NSSA has the same advantages that --- the stub area and the total stub area also have. But it can contain ASBR. The NSSA is an extension of the stub area, it can help the external route be injected into the stub area.

Industrial router NSSA (not-so-stubby area, the stub area) is relatively new, and it has a given the standard OSPF enhancements feature. After the introduction of NSSA, we have a better choice, the NSSA and the stub area are both not allowed to be

Produced for the type 5 LSA. Industrial EVDO router can also be configured to organize type 3 and type extension LSA extension, just like a total stub area. However, an NSSA can allow type 7 LSA, and industrial WCDMA router has LSA to get external route information which can be extended to NSSA.

By configuring an area to NSSA, we can reduce the route table in this area, but we can still input external route information into OSPF.

The configuration commands of industrial grade 3G router NSSA area:

In the configuration of (config-router)#areaIDNSSAABRl, the default-information-originate (default information source) need to be inputted. It can be used to produce some routers, which can be routed from the default industrial grade WCDMA routers in the NSSA area to access external routers in other regions.
3G wireless modem is a kind of 3G wireless module based on WCDMA / CDMA2000 EVDO networks. RS232 or RS485 standard interface provides a direct connection to the user equipment. 3G modems now are widely used in finance, water conservancy, environmental protection, electricity, postal services, weather and other industries.

There are many advantages of 3g internet modem:

1. modem 3g wifi support Chinese, English, numbers, text messages send and receive function. 3g modems are a great tool for wireless access.
2. 3g modems provide VB / VC / C # / DELPHI Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and testing procedures bring much convenience to user-friendly service’s development.
3. Industrial system design makes strong anti-jamming capability suitable for industrial control use.
4. 3g modems are excellent in low and high-temperature performance.
5. 3g modems are easy to use, flexible and reliable.
6. 3g modems can support both window and Linux operating system

E-Lins 3G modems with excellent features can serve in extreme harsh environment and conditions such as rural areas, freezing cold during winter days and extremely hot under the scorching sun.

Compatible with HSPA+ / HSUPA / HSDPA / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS / GSM networks, the 3g modems work excellent in synch with different industrial applications such as Remote Data Monitoring, CCTV surveillance and Power station monitoring and etc.

Being a responsible 3g modem manufacturer, E-lins always devote to providing the best wireless 3g modem for our customers with competitive price.