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3G CDMA2000 Modem, EVDO CDMA Modem Nam-Flashing, UIM SIM Supported
3G CDMA2000 Modem, EVDO CDMA Modem Nam-Flashing, UIM SIM Supported
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E-Lins modems mainly focus on 2G, 3G and 4G cellular modems. The 3G covers WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA.

For single sim 3G CDMA2000 modem, the main model is M300. It covers EVDO Rev O, Rev A, and Rev B.


Sim Slot Quantity

Module Quantity






USB * 1

With the development of mobile communication technology, the security problem in communication is getting more and more attention. It is closely related to the users, manufacturers and operators. People get the vital interests in the use of mobile communication while also put forward higher requirements for information security in communication.

CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) is a CDMA technology, is a kind of advanced wireless spread spectrum communication technology in recent years in the digital mobile communication process. It can meet the market requirements of high capacity and quality of mobile communication while has high spectrum efficiency and good speech quality, high security, low drop rate electromagnetic radiation, small, large capacity, wide coverage and other characteristics that can reduce the amount of investment and reduce operating costs.

Hot Spot of evdo modem

Built-in 2G/3G CDMA2000 EVDO industrial cellular modules, insert SIM/UIM card to work directly;

Built-in SIM/UIM card slot;

Broadband M2M communications

SIM failover/standby APN

2G/3G CDMA failover for fixed line broadband connections

Rapid service deployment applications

Support At command

USB port

GPS support (option)

Typical Diagram

3G CDMA2000 Modem Typical Diagram

Specification of Industrial 3G CDMA2000 Modem


Mobile Networks


CDMA2000 EVDO Rev 0/Rev A/Rev B

Cellular Frequency

CDMA1x/EVDO: 800/1900Mhz or 450Mhz optional




Rev B: 14.7Mbps downlink, 5.4Mbps uplink
Rev A: 3.1Mbps downlink, 2.4Mbps uplink

Rev O: 2.4Mbps downlink, 153.6kbps uplink

Notes: the bandwidth is peak value. Real value depends on carrier network support.



50Ω SMA female interface *3, externaldetachable;

Antenna for Main Cell, MIMO Cell, GPS


Power indicator

Data indicator




USB 2.0 female


Power supply

DC5V-40V,option isDC5V-50V / DC5V-60V,typical DC9V1A or 12V1A or 12V2A

Power consumption


Average: 85mA@+9VDC





Mac OS;



Other OS with USB port;

At command

Support at command;

Packed with GUI software


Operating Temperature

Work temperature:-30°C to 70°C option for-30°C to 80°C

Storage temperature:-40°C to 85°C


95% Maximum (Non-condensing)


Item (L x B x H):87mm*50mm*23mm

Packaging (L x B x H): 102*70*23mm

PCBA: 84mm*48mm*20mm


150g (not including accessories and package)

Electromagnetic compatibility

anlistatig test:Class 3

Radio electromagnetism test:Class 3



1 Year, can extend up to 5 years

Package Contents

TheM300 Industrial 3G CDMA2000Modem

USB cable

Power Adapter


CD-ROM with Product Documentation

What is 3G CDMA2000 Modem?

CDMA2000 is CDMA20001×EV, it is a kind of 3G mobile communication standard. It has two phases: CDMA20001×EV-DO  (DataOnly) that transmits data by voice separation channel and CDMA20001×EV-DV(DateandVioce) that is an integrated channel combined with data channel and voice channel. CDMA2000 is also called CDMA Multi-Carrier, this system derives from narrow-band CDMA One digital standard, it can directly be upgraded form its original structure and its construction cost is low.

CDMA2000 is a 3G mobile communication standard. Wireless interfaces that meet the IMT-2000 standard of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are also an extension of 2GCDMA standard(IS-95, mark CDMA1X). The fundamental signaling standard is IS-2000. CDMA2000 is not compatible with another major 3G standard, W-CDMA.

The 3G CDMA Modem of Shenzhen E-LINS Technology Co. Ltd. is designed and developed on the basis of wireless network's needs. This product adopts industrial grade design standard and has strong capability of resistance to water, moisture, thunder and electromagnet. It is easy-operating and is simple to be installed, it has high-end configurations and multiple interfaces. It has been widely used in industrial fields as its powerful functions can meet application needs in various scenes.
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