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2G Routers

Wireless Router such as the combination of the simple wireless AP and the broadband router which not only has all the features of simple wireless AP such as DHCP client support, VPN support function, but also supports LAN users to share network connections.

2G is the second-generation mobile communication technology. 2G routers support Ethernet data communication and packet forwarding and also support serial port TCP / UDP transparent. Intelligent anti-dropping function assures online stability. 2G routers offer many conveniences to modern life since it achieves network large-scale and movable usage. Internet connection will no longer be restricted by cables. Except for daily use, E-Lins also offer industrial GSM routers which bring a lot benefits to industrial operation.

All of E-Lins 2g wifi routers have passed CE/FCC and other certifications. Complied with ROHS directive, our products are great in quality.  Based on CDMA need, all wireless routers use the latest ARM hardware platform and apply advanced software system. Industrial GSM router with serial RS232 and RS485 and M2M wife router with Wife GPS DIO are available in E-Lins.

How to choose a good 2G umts router?

I believe that everyone knows 2G wifi routers, the household Internet relies on them, and days can be very boring without these small stuff. There are various brands of 2G routers on the market, and their types are also diverse, which makes feel difficult to choose a good one. Today, let E-LINS introduce to us how to choose a good 2G router.

As for choosing a good 2G wifi router, it is very important to choose a good brand, a good brand ensures good quality and reliable after-sales services. The 2G routers umts of Shenzhen E-LINS Technology Co. Ltd. are designed and developed on the basis of wireless network's needs. The products all adopt industrial grade design standard, their functions are complete and they have strong capability of resistance to moisture, thunder and electromagnet. They are packed with firm metal shells, which makes them have strong capability of resistance and solid. They have advantages of stable performance, small volume, simple installation, easy operation and strong environmental resistance, etc. They are good choices for customers.