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2G Modems

What are the advantages of industrial grade 2G Modem?

With the continuous development of the network, whether the work or the life cannot be separated from the wireless, we believe that people may not understand what the industrial level 2G Modem really is, but it is closely related to our work and life. What are the advantages of industrial grade 2G Modem in E-lins company?

1: It offers multiple networks to choose flexibly: China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Radio and television and other 2G/3G/4G networks.
2: With industrial wireless modules inside, it also has SIM card slot.
3: It can provide people with dial-up Internet access, SMS short message service, CSD service and optional voice service.
4: It was designed by industrial design standard. It has the abilities of super waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection and electromagnetic interference.
5: It offers USB 2.0 standard interface communication, which effectively ensures the data transmission speed.
6: It uses a simple AT command interface.
7: It supports the functions of data transmission, surfing the Internet and sending messages.
8: It is easy to use and install.
9: It works by the independent power supply, which enables the product to run stably and reliably.
10: Many new status indicator functions were added, including fun power status indication, system status indication, incoming bell indication, data transceiver indication.

2G is a standard industrial design wireless device (type:CM310), which is based on 2G network, adopts industrial wireless module and supports short message function.

2G USBModem can provide a short message, voice communication and data communication three functions.Short message service is most widely used so it is sometimes also referred to as the SMS cat.

Modem 2G is one kind of mobile communication system modem. 2G modem is like a cell phone registered to the same operators via SIM card.When 2G modem is connected to the computer, the computer can use it to communicate with the mobile network. Users also can use it to receive and send MMS messages, and text messages.

E-Lins is a reliable wireless routers and modems manufacturer. The 2g modems are tested by its high-quality operating system.