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Multi-sim 4G Router Solves Weak Network Problem in Video Live Broadcasting

With the continuous development of the Internet, video live broadcasting has gradually become the mainstream expression of the Internet due to the integration of rich elements such as images, text, sound and so on. The 4G multi-card aggregation technology of multi-sim 4G routers plays a very important and key role in live video broadcasting. The advantage of the application of 4G multi-card aggregation technology in live video broadcasting lies in its transmission through multiple channels. In this way, we can ensure the stability of multi-card network transmission after superimposition under a bad single network, make the live video content real and vivid, create a strong sense of scene, attract eyes, achieve impressive and lasting communication effect, and be able to real, intuitive and comprehensive publicity.

4G aggregation technology literally means aggregating the networks of several carriers' 4G cards, using multi-sim 4G routers as media to superimpose multi-card networks for video transmission. The real working principle of 4G multi-card aggregation technology is that it transmits a video through multiple channels after disassembly at the transmitter to a server and then pushes it to the video player. The whole transmission process needs multiple channels to complete. In this way, the stability of transmission after aggregation of multiple networks can be guaranteed when a single network is not good. To ensure the stability of transmission, we must be able to analyze and predict the network quality of each link in real time, so as to automatically allocate the proportion of transmission data of each link, and finally complete the transmission of live video safely and steadily.
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