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Industry Application of Wireless Router with RS232 Interface


Industry application of RS232 wireless router

Electricity: remote automatic meter reading, real-time monitoring and alarming of voltage and current data, urban power grid and street lamp control;

Security: Video surveillance of road construction site, remote access control system, anti-theft device alarm;

Energy: The RS232 wireless router can be used for data acquisition and heating system supervision in coal mines, natural gas and oil fields.

Traffic: monitoring and dispatching system for motor vehicles and bank money carriers, license plate capture monitoring system and vehicle violation monitoring system;

Environmental protection: real-time data acquisition and automatic control of gas surge station, real-time monitoring and maintenance of tap water, sewage pipes, gates, pumping stations and water plants;

Finance: RS232 wireless router can be used for bank savings points and computer room monitoring, mobile securities trading and information inquiry, POS system applications;

Water conservancy: Water level flood control monitoring, natural disaster prediction system;

Media: Mobile advertising automatic download system, wireless streaming media advertising broadcast management system;

Meteorology: remote collection and transmission of temperature and humidity data, meteorological prediction;

Transportation: Industrial wireless remote sensing, telemetry, remote control information return, GPS positioning;

Public security: public security, 110, traffic police vehicle monitoring and dispatching, public security mobile data (identity cards, criminal files, etc.) inquiry, traffic police mobile communication data inquiry.
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